The US Needs To Cut Off President Putin’s Balls Says Cher

Fact checked

Cher has slammed Russian President Vladimir Putin, comparing him to Hitler and suggesting that the US needs to “cut off his” balls.

The leftist singer-actress went on an emoji-laden twitter rant to blast Putin over his attack on neighboring Ukraine. She called the Russian leader the world’s biggest threat since World War Two. 

Breitbart reports: Cher added that Putin has “gazillions” in personal wealth doesn’t care about his people, his oligarchs, or a free world.

The “Believe in Love” singer went on to blast Putin as a Hitler who “lives” to “starve, rape, torture,” and “annihilate.” She continued that she thinks that Putin is betting that NATO and the U.S. won’t protect eastern Europe and has “mobile crematoriums” in Poland.

Cher’s ultimate suggesting is that the U.S. must move into Ukraine and “cut off Putin’s balls.”

Wednesday’s message is far from the first time Cher has regaled her 4 million followers with her opinions on the war in Ukraine.

A few months ago, for instance, Cher ranted that Putin intends to “devour sovereign countries” until he “resurrects the USSR.” She then insisted that the goal is to leave Europe unprotected while China and the Saudi’s bring the U.S.A. “to its knees.”


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  7. I am constantly bemused by the “Bollinger Bolsheviks”, multi millionaires spouting neo Marxist crap, they certainly would not want a Socialist Government taking all their wealth!! Bette Midler seems the most unhinged. Its easy when living in such privilege to have extreme opinions, people who actually work for a living, rather than spending their lives having plastic surgery, really don’t have the time or money to indulge in these juvenile fantasies.

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