EU President: Eurosceptics Blocked from Commission Jobs, Regardless of Election Results

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EU President threatens to block Eurosceptics from Commission jobs regardless of election results

The EU will ensure that eurosceptic candidates are blocked from securing top jobs in Brussels regardless of the outcome of the elections this May, EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has warned.

In an interview with Polish media, Juncker boasted that an increase in populist politicians in the EU would not affect the globalist European Union integration project. reports:

The EU will ensure that eurosceptic candidates are obstructed from securing top jobs in Brussels no matter that outcome of the European elections in May, Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, has boasted.

In an interview with Polish media Juncker shot down the notion that the increased support at the ballot box for national populist parties predicted in May would – in any way – affect the globalist European Union integration project.

“In these elections, those who promote foolish nationalism will pay the price for it,” Junker threatened.

“Nobody knows this, but last time I rejected the candidacies of six of the Commissioners presented to me by national governments,” the unelected bureaucrat gloated.

“Do remember that governments merely propose commissioners. It is the president of the Commission who accepts them and allocates their responsibilities,” he ominously added.

While he spoke with a journalist from Rzeczpospolita, Juncker sneered that regardless of whether Poland’s national populist ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party wins November’s national parliamentary election or if it’s beaten by an opposition coalition backed by globalists in Brussels, Poland would have to stay in the EU due to its financial dependence on the transnational institution.

“Poles do not want to be cut off from all of this,” Junker arrogantly proclaimed, before adding that Western Europeans “should not think Poland is only in the bloc for money.”

The unelected Luxembourgish politician went on to claim that Poland’s membership in the EU is essentially contingent upon its shared ‘common values’ with other countries inside the EU, smugly adding that money from Brussels ‘is not a gift, but a recognition of the magnitude of the reforms carried out’ since joining the bloc.

In the same interview, Juncker spoke about the European Commission’s decision to pursue disciplinary sanctions against Poland due to the government’s purported repudiation of ‘democratic standards’ with reforms made to what the ruling PiS party considers a corrupt judicial system requiring additional accountability.

“Rule of law is the cornerstone of the EU,” Juncker professed, arguing that while “certain countries [sometimes]allow themselves a degree of insubordination, depending on who happens to be in power and the stage of the political cycle they are in”, he was “confident that in a few years’ time, these issues won’t be troubling us anymore”.