Facebook Tell Hillary Clinton To Stop Telling Lies On Their Platform

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Facebook have rebuked Hillary Clinton for spreading fake news about their platform and why she lost the election on social media.

Facebook have rebuked Hillary Clinton for spreading fake news about their platform on social media, slapping down the twice-failed presidential candidate for making demonstrably false claims about why she lost the election.

On Monday, Crooked Hillary reached a new low when she called for censorship of critical voices before the midterm elections, and then blamed social media advertising costs for her election loss.

Proving that she has no shame, Hillary tried to play the victim, alleging that Facebook charged her more than Trump for advertising on the platform during the 2016 election.

The debacle began when Tech Cruch writer demonstrated her Democratic Party PR credentials by creating some fake news that would appeal to Hillary:

Hillary never misses an opportunity to demand changes to the Democratic system that ensured she didn’t get anywhere near the highest office in the land. She also loves finding new excuses for her huge loss.

She replied to Kim-Mai Cutler:

But Facebook have had enough of Hillary Clinton’s lies about their platform and on Wednesday they demonstrated that if mainstream media won’t fact check America’s most notorious liar, they will do it themselves.

Responding to Hillary’s bare-faced lie with a report proving that they didn’t charge her more for advertising (in fact Donald Trump paid slightly more per view), Facebook dismantled Hillary’s latest excuse for her heavy 2016 defeat.

Vice President of Facebook advertising, Andrew “Boz” Bosworth responded to the report with a chart showing Trump indeed paid more.


Poor Crooked Hillary. Her fake news keeps getting debunked.

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