Fake News & False Flag Chemical Attacks In Syria

Fact checked

It looks increasingly likely that main stream western media and politicians who are accusing the Syrian government and Russia for the latest alleged “chemical attack”in Syria are spreading fake news in order to garner support for wider military intervention.

The American and British media machines sprung into overdrive this morning over reports based mainly from their own ‘activist’ media outlets are now all claiming that the Syrian and Russian Airforces launched a chemical weapons airstrike killing dozens of civilians in Idlib.

Israel’s President, Benjamin Netanyahu, joined in on the condemnation, along with Amnesty International.

Despite the 24/7 fake news reports, all known cases of chemical attacks in Syria have had fingerprints of various CIA funded rebel groups.

21st Century Wire reports:

Watch CNN’s Chris Cuomo as he attempts to litigate a fictitious verdict which happens to fit perfectly into the US pro-war and ‘No Fly Zone’ narrative being echoed by ‘regime change’ hawks John McCain and Adam Kinzinger on their same network today, and further echoed by more demagoguery from CNN’s Syria ‘experts’ Arwa Damon and Clarissa Ward as they blame the Syrian government with no evidence whatsoever. This segment by CNN is very definition of propaganda:


Syrianna Analysis: Similar to 2013 chemical attack, the Western governments, and corporate mainstream media accusing the Syrian government of using chemical weapons, this time in Khan Shaykhun, in Idleb. This video discusses the disgusting and criminal usage of chemical weapons in Syria, indicating that it is not the Syrian government but the Islamist\terrorist groups behind the attacks. Watch: