Huge Anti-Bill Gates Mural Appears in Melbourne as Crowds Chant ‘Arrest Bill Gates’ at Protests

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A huge street art mural depicting a smiling Bill Gates holding a syringe and saying “Time to install your update” has appeared in Melbourne, Australia, as the nation continues to revolt against “harsh censorship, wall to wall surveillance, the digitalization of currency and rigid social controls including oppressive lockdowns.

The mural was signed by @Lushsux, an anonymous resistance artist known for trolling powerful figures.

Meanwhile growing protests in Australian cities continue to demand Bill Gates face charges of crimes against humanity.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. thanked the street artist for “striking a blow” for freedom.

Thanks to Lushsux for striking this blow for freedom Down Under.

Rupert Murdoch’s News and Vaccine empire have aligned with Bill Gates’s international health agency cartel to make Australia the proving grounds for their “Great Reset;” the global devolution from democracy to medical fascism,” continued Kennedy, Jr.

The mural depicts Bill Gates smiling and holding a syringe with the message “Time to install your update.

Citing biosecurity, Australian technocrats have imposed harsh censorship, wall to wall surveillance, the digitalization of currency and rigid social controls including oppressive lockdowns and compulsory masking-all without notice and comment rule making, public hearings, debate or any of the traditional safeguards of participatory democracy.

To maintain control and obedience, dictatorial regimes use fear to justify the obliteration of culture, self expression and personal freedoms. Authoritarian theocracies, commonly for example, force women to wear hoods, masks or burkhas to trample self expression and signify submission and obedience.

The emerging biosecurity states are compelling the burkazation of entire populations. The mask is persistent reminder of the fear of contagion and a signal of obedience and conformity. Because the bio security oppression begins with this eradication of facial expression, art music and humor are now critical revolutionary acts.” 

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


  1. This is the best news we can currently hope for. We’ll deal with the Marxist uprising by and by. First off, we need to rid the world of Gates, Fauci, Birx, and all others complicit in promoting TRANS-HUMANISM.

  2. Nice artwork! but Australians are powerless plebes living under a socialist dictatorship for decades. If not I hope they prove me wrong!

    • I’ve heard Victoria is locked down but conditions are a bit better farther out in the sticks. I suspect that will be the case in the US soon.

  3. Check out Veronica Wolski on You Tube and Twitter – she says U N “peace” keepers have arrived in Australia and Aussies themselves are saying “it is hell here”. This is horrifying.

  4. And the national broadcaster, the ABC has ran, right from the very beginning a total flood of covid propaganda Total ruthless relentless compulsive flood .Like Noahs great flood. A constant sermon from their pulpit the news ” “church”, and their almost exclusively Catholic staff .

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