Russia Develop HIV, Cancer Nanosensor That Allows Early Treatment

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Russia develop nanosensor capable of detecting early signs of HIV and Cancer

Scientists in Russia have developed a nanosensor, or nanomechanical sensor, that is able to detect cancerous tumours and HIV in their very early stages, long before conventional methods are able to detect them.

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology’s Laboratory of Nanooptics and Plasmonics developed the ultracompact sensor that allows doctors to identify the markers of a tumor in the body, allowing them to offer early treatment. reports:

It will also help diagnose, HIV, hepatitis, herpes and many other diseases long before they can be detected by any other method, and will pave the way for a new-generation diagnostics.

Calculations done by the researchers showed that the new sensor will combine high sensitivity with a comparative ease of production.

Its miniature dimensions allow it to be used in all portable devices, like smartphones, wearable electronics, etc.

One chip, several millimeters in size, will be able to accommodate several thousand such sensors, configured to detect different particles or molecules.

The price, thanks to the simplicity of the design, will most likely depend on the number of sensors, and be much more affordable than its competitors.

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