Gillibrand GUSHES: Hillary Clinton ‘Most Qualified Person to EVER Run for President’

Fact checked
Gillibrand says Hillary Clinton was the most qualified person to ever run for President

Democratic presidential hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand says Hillary Clinton was “the most qualified, capable person to ever run for president.”

No, this is not satire.

In an interview with GirlBoss Radio on Wednesday, the longshot 2020 candidate gushed over her twice-failed presidential pal Hillary Clinton.

Transcript of the interview below:

NEHA GANDHI: You worked on Hillary Clinton’s senate campaign, right?


GANDHI: She’s been a supporter of yours. What are the things that you’ve learned from here? Both good and bad. What are the things that you emulate and the things that you maybe say that didn’t work for her from her campaign, particularly as your bid for the presidency?

GILLIBRAND: I do think all of us who are running, particularly the women candidates, are standing on Hillary’s shoulders right now. She did achieve 65 million cracks in the highest and hardest glass ceiling, and she actually won the popular vote. She did a lot right. I mean, to win the popular vote by 3 million votes just shows she ran a strong campaign, and she certainly, in my opinion, was the most qualified, capable person ever to run for president ever. I loved what she put out there in terms of herself and how much confidence she had and how much she believed in herself and always had a strong vision for America.