Hundreds of Trump Supporters Line up 24 Hours Early to See POTUS in New Jersey

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Hundreds of Trump supporters line up at least 24 hours in advance to see POTUS in New Jersey

Hundreds of ordinary Americans lined up over 24 hours early to see President Trump in Wildwood, New Jersey on Tuesday night.

The Trump supporters began lining up a staggering 48 hour early to secure their place at the rally. reports: First Daughter-in-law Lara Trump broke the news on Monday that 175,000 TICKETS WERE REQUESTED to see President Trump in Wildwood, New Jersey on Tuesday night.

This line is 24 hours before the start of the rally!

There are at least a thousand Trump supporters lined up 24 hours early!



  1. Interestingly, recent trump campaign polls show that the majority of those that come out, they aren’t republicans – with a whopping 58% majority of these “supporters” coming from the ranks of the anti-gun, anti-2a, pro-abortion, pro-immigration, prowar, pro interventional, anti-wall, pro universal health care demoRat party AND also the independents (which have diverse views on the aforementioned issues). Now you might ask yourself, “why would so many who are so opposed to him be coming out to support him?” Or you could HAVE FAITH in your chosen politician. Oops, I mean, THE CHOSEN ONE. Now please sit in the lotus position and repeat after me, “trust the plan. Must trust the plan….”

  2. Keep in mind, this rally is a Trump promise to Jeff Van Drew who dumped the Dims for a Republican ‘futurama’. Gov. ‘Murph-the-Smurf’ is as solid as Jon Corzine, and just as corrupt.

  3. I was born in NJ in 1948 and lived there until 2002. I saw the democrats take over (because of people fleeing NY) and impose a state lottery, sales tax, income tax, sky-high property taxes until I could no longer afford to live there. Industry and farms were driven out. NJ was destroyed by democrats. NJ is now a vassal state to Philadelphia and New York City. DEMOCRATS ONLY DESTROY!

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