ISIS And 9/11 Are US Psyop Against US Citizens, Analyst

Fact checked
9/11 and ISIS are a big psychological warfare operation, an analyst has said

US Army veteran Scott Bennet has said that the recent ISIS videos in which they threaten to bomb various major U.S. cities are all part of a massive “Psyop” (psychological warfare) operation against the American people by the U.S. government. 

According to Bennet, American politicians are waging a psychological battle against their own people to advance the post-9/11 agenda.

Any claim to lead an attack against New York and the White House really is false, and it is really designed just to trigger a reaction among the American people,” he told Iranian television on Monday. reports:

“This really is not a threat, it is really not anything rather than a black flag preparation, it is a psychological warfare tactic employed to soften and drive fear into the American citizens,” he maintained.

Bennett, a former US Army psychological warfare officer, said this plan benefits the US government and other supporters of Daesh, who are using the terrorists as “mercenaries” in exchange for training and equipment.

In the aftermath of the November 13 coordinated attacks in the French capital, Paris, that killed 132 people, several videos have surfaced showing alleged members of Daesh in Syria and Iraq preparing for bomb attacks on various US cities.

In one of the videos, the extremist militants hail the vicious Paris attacks, pledging to “grill” US President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande.

The videos have prompted US security officials to step up security measures, with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warning the American public about attending certain social gatherings and sports venues.

Bennett, however, believes that in case the threats were real, we would have seen real reactions from various American agencies.

“If it was a real threat, from a real enemy, they would be behaving with real intelligence in their tactical and strategic operations,” he noted. “That is not the case.”

“What we see, if we just look at the facts and the evidence, is this trauma-based mind control that has been existing in the United States and Europe since September 11, 2001, and has just simply metastasized and evolved into different messages, different enemies,” the analyst said.

Bennett further emphasized that if Daesh was really deemed a threat by US officials, they would be cooperating with people who have inside knowledge on the terror organization.

“They really know that there is no threat, there is no enemy; this is just a game, this is a ploy; this is part of a smoking mirror charade,” he said.