Israeli Police, Palestinian Protestors Clash For 3rd Day In Jerusalem

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Palestinian protesters and Israeli police clashed Tuesday for a 3rd straight day of protests at Jerusalem’s most sensitive holy site.

From ABC News:

Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said police entered the Al Aqsa mosque compound early Tuesday morning to disperse a group of protesters who had holed up inside the mosque overnight.

The protesters threw rocks, concrete blocks and fireworks, but police managed to open the site for Jewish visitors. Samri said no one was injured or arrested, however a group of protesters remained inside the mosque.

She said that a firebomb thrown from within the mosque at police ignited planks of wood stockpiled by the protesters. Police released photos showing piles of charred rubble outside the mosque.

The site is revered by Jews and Muslims and is a frequent flashpoint of violence. The compound in Jerusalem’s old city is known to Jews as the Temple Mount, site of the two biblical Jewish temples. Muslims revere it as the Noble Sanctuary, where they believe the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven.

Jewish visitors are allowed to enter the site but not pray there. Muslims view these visits as a provocation, and the site often becomes the center of tensions on major Jewish holidays such as Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, which ends Tuesday night.

Jordan, which has a peace treaty with Israel, administers Muslim religious affairs at the site and Jordanian King Abdullah II warned Israel on Monday to restore calm.

“Any more provocations in Jerusalem, will affect the relationship between Jordan and Israel; and Jordan will have no choice, but to take action, unfortunately,” he said.

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