Marina Abramovic Performs Satanic Ritual In Front of 250K People at Glastonbury

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Illuminati witch Marina Abramovic performed a 7 minute Satanic ritual in front of a quarter of a million people at the Glastonbury music festival in the UK on Friday.

According to Abramovic, the world is experiencing a “dark moment” and the public ritual was a “public intervention” to usher the world in a new direction.

The performance artist took to the Pyramid Stage wearing an inverted peace symbol dress to perform the silent occult ritual in front of a record crowd of nearly 250,000 festival attendees.

“I want to see how I can go beyond the acid, beyond the mushrooms, beyond whatever is there and touch that moment in their soul and just for seven minutes stop everything,” she told the Guardian this week. “Can you imagine if we succeed? It will be an incredible moment.”

Abramovic visited the sacred pagan site Stonehenge early on the morning of her performance, to “get all the energy [she] can,” according to the report.

Abramovic visited Stonehenge, a prehistoric megalithic structure in Wiltshire, England, to “get all the energy she could” for the largest public occult performance in history.

The Guardian has been reporting live from the festival, and discussed Abramović’s ritual in their live blog.

“[The silence] is a big ask given the, ahem, well-lubricated nature of some Glastonbury punters, but by the sounds of it she’s been successful,” reported Gwilym Mumford.

Music reporter Sarah Phillips, who was at the performance, says that, bar a rogue screamer, the crowd all kept quiet and that the effect is “incredibly powerful and moving.”

Circa, a British art collective known for their work on billboards across the globe, is the entity putting on Abramovic’s latest stunt. The piece is officially called Seven Minutes of Collective Silence.

Abramovic gained notoriety after WikiLeaks emails released during the 2016 election revealed she regularly hosted “Spirit Cooking” parties for Democrat elites including Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

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She also maintains incredibly close connections with a Who’s Who of the global elite including Bill Gates, the late Jacob Rothschild, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and Volodymr Zelensky, among others.

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