Texas Governor Accuses Kamala Harris Of ‘Misleading America’ Over Border Crisis

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Texas Gov Abbott and Trump

Texas Governor Greg Abbott told former senior Department of Homeland Security officials, Texas sheriffs, and Members of Congress on Wednesday that Vice President Kamala Harris is misleading America over the ongoing border crisis.

“She’s misleading America” he declared.

Former President Donald Trump visited the U.S.-Mexico border Wednesday and met met with Abbott for a border security briefing with law enforcement officials and local sheriffs.

During the breifing Abbott repeated many of the points concerning border security that he had brought up in recent months.

He pledged to complete the border wall between Texas and Mexico that former Trump had started.

Breitbart reports: The Governor went on to say that the only place to solve the crisis is at the border. Abbott was critical of the Biden Administration’s plan to address poverty and crime in Central America. Abbott went on to say that if Harris is successful in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, the nation will still need to address illegal migration from the other 147 countries arriving at the southern border.

In addition to deploying more than 1,000 Texas Highway Patrol Troopers and Army National Guardsmen, Abbott issued state of emergency declaration asking for other states to assist with border-related issues.

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