Melania Trump Claims ‘Spooks’ Are Slowly Poisoning Her Husband

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Melania Trump claims there is a secret poisoner in the White House and fears her husband is being slowly poisoned with "heavy sedatives".

First Lady Melania Trump claims there is a secret poisoner in the White House and fears her husband is being slowly poisoned with “heavy sedatives” smuggled into his drinks  in an attempt to slow him down, control him, and discredit his presidency, according to reports.

While public debate rages about Donald Trump’s health, Melania has told friends and associates that the once robust and high energy man she knew and loved has been replaced with a “slower, damaged version”.

“By 8pm he is slurring,” she said. “This is not the man I know.”

Fearing that the sedatives are being pumped into the body of the POTUS via Coca-Cola that he orders by pressing a button he had installed on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, Melania has insisted he stop drinking from the tap and instead revert to drinking from cans she brings herself.

“Donald’s heath improved out of sight when he stopped drinking from the tap,” Melania said.

However the First Lady fears the active campaign to poison the president is “a high level operation” and “not the work of a solitary loon.”

Melania is popular in the White House—as she is with the rest of the country—and she has befriended senior intelligence agency staff who remain loyal to president. They have educated her about Ronald Regan’s poisoning by the Deep State after his assassination attempt in 1981. They have also warned her that George W. Bush was reduced to a “brain damaged” state after years of steady poisoning.

But the advantage Trump may hold over his GOP predecessors in the Oval Office is that he has a wife who is wise to the ruse and is insisting he watch his food and drink intake closely for signs of adulteration.

Donald Trump’s food choices say a lot about the man. The president’s Howard Hughes-level pickiness when it comes to food is partly motivated by a desire to avoid being poisoned, according to Melania. He doesn’t trust those around him – and rightfully so.

As President Trump knows all too well, there are enemies of the state dug in deep at the White House.

Reporters from TIME recently got a glimpse behind-the-scenes at the White House, where they reported on what goes down at the president’s dinner table. Of particular interest was a meal enjoyed by the reporters, Trump, and Vice President Pence.

Pence’s meal was not unusual—he ate what everyone else did. But the POTUS received a meal fully customized to his own preferences, and closely observed by Melania who insisted on watching the chef prepare the meal with ingredients she provided herself.

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