Oregon School Sued for Brainwashing 8-Yr-Old into Believing He’s Transgender

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Oregon teacher sued by parents for teaching 8-yr-old boy that he's transgender

The parents of an 8-year-old are suing a school in Oregon after a teacher “brainwashed” their son into believing he was transgender.

The mother and father claim the teacher made their son confused about his gender identity after he asked to use a staff bathroom because of a medical condition.

Pjmedia.com reports: The teacher took the 8-year-old aside, spoke shortly to him, and then proceeded to share all kinds of transgender literature and videos with him. The teacher asked the boy several times whether he thought he was a girl and even held him out of recess in order to read transgender books and watch transgender videos. Oh, and to top it off, there were one-on-one conversations about transgenderism.

All this was done without the parents’ consent or even their knowledge. It only came out when the boy came home with a book about transgenderism and when he talked to a therapist (while crying his eyes out).

As The Blaze reports, the effects of the transgender propaganda on the boy have been significant:

“He feels different now, he feels confused,” the mother told the station, which didn’t reveal her identity or the father’s identity…

“Still today, a year later, if he plays with my niece, he’s a girl in that moment … if he plays with my nephew, he’s a boy,” the mother added to the station.

Also, the boy now shies away from playing with “girl” toys or playing “girl-related” games and underwent personality changes, becoming more depressed, aggressive, and isolated.

Logically, the parents are suing the school. They want nearly $1 million in damages, which is way too little if you ask me. Their son will have to deal with this trauma for years and years to come. Imagine how difficult puberty will be for him if he doesn’t get this out of the way beforehand.

The worst part of the story? The teacher hasn’t been fired (yet).


  1. Suing the school? Settlement will be granted providing it is a sealed decision. The plaintiff wins but where do the funds come from to pay the award? Yeah, the taxpayers. How about filing a criminal report for brainwashing your child to prevent this from happening again.

  2. Do as the left does…… sue, stifle, beat down, LABEL & destroy any chance of this person working anywhere again.

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