‘Other-Worldly’ Beams of Light in the Sky Reported Globally – Scientists Baffled

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Scientists baffled at mysterious lights appearing in the sky all over the world

Scientists have been left baffled by a mysterious beam of light that was spotted in the sky around the globe by millions of people last week.

Large numbers of people spotted an “other-worldly” red flare around the globe, including in Houston.

Residents spotted the red flare over Houston, Texas the night of Wednesday, March 23, 2022. Others noticed it over Pearland, League City, Deer Park, and Missouri City, ABC13 reports. An eerily similar mysterious beam of light was also spotted on the other side of the world, in areas like Egypt, several days before.

Yahoo News reports: What’s most interesting about this mysterious beam of light is the fact that it was also seen over Egypt sometime before it appeared over Texas. Many on Reddit seem to think it could be aliens.

The unfortunate truth is, there’s just a lot about the world, and our universe, that we don’t understand. Both on our planet and beyond it. After all, someone recently thought they’d found a UFO submerged at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. All we can do right now is scratch our heads in wonder about this mysterious beam of light seen in the sky.


  1. SAtellite WAR lazers juist like STARFISH PRIME which was nuclear/microwave.Space WAR in full tilt in the near space high theater.

  2. Why can’t these modern day “experts” just say, “I don’t know”.
    Instead of pretending to have answers they obviously do not have?

    • Ten million satellites many WAR satellites and the media know dam well WTF is going on.It is not a free media they are the owners of those satellites and war contracts and are coving for themselfs.Get control of the press and use propaganda as the pin is mighty in the days of lore and if no one knows what is going on they can`t fight back and defend themselfs from the FIRE SKYs weapons of wonderment ake blinded by the satelite LIGHT since 1960

    • Project blue beam It was exposed decades ago but now because it become widely known they’ve had their experts deny it all.

  3. The UFO people are sent here by the Lord to see to it that the idiots running the world don’t blow it up with nukes. Over the years there have been numerous reports by military soldiers working in nuclear missile sites saying that UFOs had temporarily disabled the computer software to the missiles.

  4. Precursor to mobile wormholes that ufo recon has pointed out. Strategic locations etc. Airports, installations. Eventually they will form into mile wide rings in the sky where the UFOs/ aliens pour through into our dimension. It will happen this summer

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