Push to Recall California Gov. Newsom Attracts Whopping 1.2 Million Signatures

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Effort to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom attracts 1.2 million signatures

It looks like Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom is about to face justice for the authoritarian Covid lockdown orders that have devastated the state.

The push to recall Gov. Newsom has already attracted a whopping 1.2 million signatures.

Recall organizers have until March 17th to collect 1,495,709 signatures.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Newsom came under fire after he ordered businesses to close while keeping his own winery, Plumpjack Winery open.

Governor Newsom was also caught dining at The French Laundry in Napa Valley at $800 per person while telling Californians they couldn’t gather for Thanksgiving.

Newsom and his allies in the California swamp are working to smear anyone associated with the recall efforts.

The longtime strategist for ousted California Governor Gray Davis is now advising Gavin Newsom and set up a “war room” to attack dissenters.

Former California Governor Gray Davis (D) was recalled in 2003 over the state’s energy crisis, rolling blackouts and skyrocketing car registration fees.

Republican California legislator Kevin Kiley is working around the clock to remove Newsom.

Do not sign the petition to recall Newsom online. You must physically sign the petition in order for it to count.

Click here for a petition locator tool to find a recall location near you.

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