Kim Jong-un: ‘Man-Killing Demons’ From CIA Trying To Assassinate Me

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Kim Jong-un summons UK ambassador after uncovering CIA plot to assassinate him

Kim Jong-un has summoned North Korea’s British ambassador for an urgent meeting after discovering a plot by the CIA to assassinate him. 

Foreign diplomats, including the UK’s envoy Alastair Morgan, were ordered to a meeting in Pyongyang where Kim Jong-un was said to have revealed evidence of a plot by the CIA to use a “biochemical substance” against him.

According to North Korean state-controlled media, vice foreign minister Han Song-ryol told attendees at the meeting that “man-killing demons” from the US had secretly entered North Korea via the South Korean border. reports: Demanding a “Korean-style war on terrorism”, Han apparently called for a “principled stand to find out all of the terrorist maniacs and mercilessly wipe them out”.

He then urged the ambassadors to persuade the “peace-loving people of the world” to get behind Kim.

The propaganda also claimed those at the briefing “expressed deep concern about such attempted heinous terrorism and understanding of North Korea’s principled stand”.

But given Mr Morgan’s previous pronouncements on North Korea, that claim seems dubious.

The ambassador has previously described the rogue state as “the last remaining Stalinist country”.

Appearing a video for the Foreign Office last year, Mr Morgan said: “It is a country where the Worker’s Party of Korea is in complete control.

“It has a monolithic system of leadership under Kim Jong-un and every aspect of life in the country is controlled.

“One of the first things you see when you go, is that the entire public space is given over to propaganda.”

The UK used every possible occasion to advocate free thought, speech and information, he said, before adding: “The Government is very vocal on it’s concerns about human rights in North Korea.”

Britain’s Government also dismissed Pyongyang’s account of the briefing, The Daily Star reported, while confirming Mr Morgan did indeed attend the briefing. the briefing.

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