Anti-Trump Judge Sets Free Man Who Shot Ronald Reagan

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Anti-Trump judge sets free man who shot Ronald Reagan

An anti-Trump judge announced on Monday that he intends to set free John Hinckley Jr. – the man who shot President Ronald Reagan over four decades ago.

U.S. District Court Judge Paul L. Friedman, who attacked Trump in 2019 for publicly criticizing political judges such as himself, announced that all of Hinckley’s remaining restrictions next year would be removed as long as he remains mentally stable.

Trump supporters are in jail over the January 6th protest, but this man – who literally tried assassinating one of the most popular Presidents in U.S. history – is going to walk free?

According to Breitbart News, Friedman said the plan is to release Hinckley from all court supervision in June if he remains mentally stable and continues to follow the court-issued rules that were imposed on him after he left a Washington hospital in 2016 to live in Williamsburg, Virginia…

It’s one rule for the Democrats, and another for Republicans it seems.


  1. Reagan was sore for a few weeks Big deal He wasn’t laid up in hospital for 40 years. Meanwhile Lee Oswald was shot to death and Ruby was killed by being injected with cancer . And still Kennedies real killers are free and went onto to be President.

  2. BTW it was Ronald Mcdonald clown Reagan who in 1986 gave big pharma immunity against prosecution or liability for their vaccines. He should have been shot.

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