State Of Emergency: France Expecting Chemical Attack

Fact checked
France is preparing for possible Chemical attacks in the country from ISIS

The French government have announced plans to release military grade stockpiles of anti neurotoxins to first responders in the event of a chemical attack in France. 

The emergency memo released on Wednesday says:

“In consideration of the COP21 conference and the risk of exposure to neurotoxins and chemical agents it is necessary to implement new emergency measures.”

“Military stockpiles of anti-toxin are to be made immediately available to the civilian sector, including pharmacies and first responders.”

The memo goes on to detail how to treat exposure to organophosphates, specifically listing insecticides and chemical weapons of war.

Are France expecting an even bigger terrorist attack to take place soon?

In the beginning of November, a week before the Paris attacks, France announced that they would be closing the borders for a month, and now today this disturbing memo is released.

We can’t be sure if they’re expecting militants on top of a building using a power spray or standard delivery methods via something they’ve brought in from Syria. But this memo looks like they know something big is about to happen.

Chemical weapons are concerning given  their ability to defeat standard defences and given their wide availability. It’s surely just a matter of time before they are going to be used.

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