Vaccine Chief Vows That Deadly Virus Surging Among Children Will Be Defeated Within 5 Years

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Between 20 and 60 vaccines are currently being developed

RSV vaccine development

The director of the Oxford Vaccine Group has claimed that a potentially deadly virus, that suddenly started surging among young children after lockdown, will be treated by preventive vaccines within five years

The Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) causes mild, cold-like symptoms for most people, can be deadly for infants and the elderly. But never fear because between 20 and 60 vaccines are currently in developement

MSN reports: Typically spiking for six weeks in the winter, RSV puts significant strain on paediatric units. But for the last two years the virus has surged earlier in the year, in the summer months.

Professor Andrew Pollard, chair of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation and director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, said we are still in a “funny post-pandemic phase” when it comes to the spread of the virus.

“Because there wasn’t much virus circulating in 2020, there are a much larger group of children currently around who have never been exposed to it,” he said.

“That means that we’ve had slightly odd RSV outbreaks last year and this year, whilst the unexposed group is sort of being mopped up by the virus.”

In 2020, the group of children not exposed to the virus expanded because of lockdowns, which meant transmission was much easier in 2021 and made the season earlier and longer.


  1. Vaccines cause, and they know it Stronger more dangerous mutations of the original. That’s why they want vaccines rather than cures. People are stupid and ignorant because they’re lazy.

  2. The only problem is that an infectious “virus” has NEVER been isolated for any disease…………’s all a farce. The cause of illness is toxin.

  3. Colloidal silver cures ebola & was proven 100% successful in Sierra Leone. That’s why it is the only thing they use against it. We also know from Dr. Zelenski that taking 50 mg. of elemental zinc per day makes it impossible for viruses to replicate. Homeopathy had a 100% preventative & cure rate in the European polio epidemic. Let’s use all of these & end poison pharma. I strongly suspect we’ll see the end of all these viruses when pharma is gone.
    For those who don’t know, vaccines suppress/dysregulate/destroy the immune system. A strong immune system is essential for health.

    • my dad retired a millionaire, and he was going to make the most of it so he started taking his flu vaccines every year to enjoy the good life, the then started getting allergic to things he never was allergic to before. eventually he got allergic to his own sweat. I always suspected flu shots causing allergies. He died at 82. His father lived to 95, and his father live till 98. back when they didn’t have many vaccines.

  4. Oxford researchers discovered a safe and inexpensive treatment for severe COVID as early a March, 2020. For unknown reasons the steroids were not widely used in the West. One doctor in India claimed to have used it on 10,000 very ill people and NONE died. He goes on to say a million people outside the West have been saved and proposes millions more could have also survived. We are being deceived and poisoned.

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