Syrian Man Kills Islamic State Judge Who Beheaded His Family In Manbij

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Sharia law in occupied Raqqa

A man has shot dead an Islamic State Judge who had ordered the beheading of three of his family members in Syria.

The Syrian man from ISIS held territory in Manbij, killed the Sharia Law interpreting judge and two of his guards and then went on to take his own life so as to avoid capture. Tensions are rising between the so called Islamic State fighters and the population under their rule. Protesters in the town of Manbij were fired upon and arrested by ISIS militants.

The Telegraph reports:

“The young man has shot dead a Tunisian national, who served as a judge at the Isil-linked Sharia Court in Manbij,” an eyewitness told the Kurdish ARA news agency, speaking on condition of anonymity. He said the man “took revenge and then killed himself to avoid falling into the hands of Isil”.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) seized Manbij in January last year,setting up its own version of state institutions.

As in other territories it has captured, top priority was given to the establishment of a court system through which the group could implement its hardline interpretation of Islamic law.

The sharia judge’s death on Wednesday is understood to have been followed by a rare anti-Isil protest in one of the town’s public squares. Video footage purportedly from the scene shows dozens of men chanting: “Out, out, out – Isil get out.”

Isil militants later opened fire on the crowd, killing at least two people and arresting all other participants, according to ARA.

It was the third protest organised in Manbij in two months, calling for the departure of the terror group from their city and denouncing its violations against civilians.

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