Tracking Kids Via Microchip Isn’t Far Off, Expert Says

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People have already begun microchipping themselves in the name of convenience in small numbers. Current technology allows people to log onto their computers, lock or unlock doors, and start their cars. 

Experts are saying that the push to microchip children is likely to take on a more aggressive tone soon, as new technology will allow parents to potentially locate a lost child, or in the an extreme scenario – locate them if they are kidnapped. 

These are the kind of selling points that could see a dramatic rise in the use of microchip technology as experts work on the GPS based chips with the intent to sell it onto worried parents. reports:

“I just might be one of those mothers who would do it”, says Trish Dickerson. Her 3 and a half-year-old son, Elliott, never stops.

“He has no fear, of anybody or anything. He has no stranger danger,” Dickerson said.

Dickerson said she though one day, “I microchip my dog, why couldn’t I microchip my son?”

Stewart Lipoff said that’s the “ick factor” most people cannot get over.

Lipoff is an electronics engineer who is an expert in Radio Frequency ID, or RFID, technology. RFID is what operates the chips in our pets, as well as the chips in our smart keys, credit cards, fobs for electronic locks, and dozens of other electronic devices.

Lipoff said right now the technology to track a microchip with GPS isn’t available, but it can’t be far off. He said you could track a human, with an implanted chip. All it would take is strategically placing scanners or portals at key locations like doorways, counters or even on street corners.

The readers or portals would decode the information emitting from a microchip by the RFID signal, if the individual passed close enough to a reader.

Right now, the technology is in it’s infancy, which means parents like Dickerson will continue to have their hands full. “For now, I just have to keep my eye on him” says Dickerson, but i have to be honest I have thought about it.”