Travelodge removes all Bibles from hotel rooms to avoid ‘discrimination’

Fact checked

In an article by published this week, they say, “Travelodge has been slammed by the Church of England who described the decision as “tragic and bizarre”, because they argue Bibles in hotel rooms are important to provide hope, comfort and inspiration to travelers.

The chain, which runs 500 hotels, said the decision to remove the Bibles from the bedside table of every bedroom reflected the increasingly multi-cultural nature of the UK. Guests can still request a copy of Bible, provided for free by the Gideon Society, which are being stored behind reception instead.  Despite not having received any complaints from guests- the hotel said they introduced the new policy on the grounds of ‘diversity’.

‘With the country being increasingly multicultural, we didn’t feel it was appropriate to just have the Bible because there are people of other religions,’ a Travelodge spokesman said.  While a Church of England spokesman condemned the decision.  He said: ‘It seems both tragic and bizarre that hotels would remove the word of God for the sake of ergonomic design, economic incentive or a spurious definition of the word ‘diversity’.’

The hotel company says it has not yet received any customer feedback on its new policy.  Other budget hotels across the UK including Premier Inn and InterContinental Hotels, owners of the Holiday Inn chain, say Bibles will be retained in the rooms. If a guest does not want a Bible in their room they can ask for it to be removed.  This decision makes Travelodge the first national hotel to remove Bibles from the bedroom.”

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