Trump ‘Favors’ Dan Bongino for New FBI Director Role

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump has suggested he plans to tap Dan Bongino for the role of FBI director following the November election.

Trump revealed that he favors Bongino, the firebrand conservative political commentator and former Secret Service agent, during impromptu remarks at Mar-a-Lago, flanked by supporters.

“Dan Bongino is tough, he’s smart, and he’s got the look,” Trump declared, according to those in attendance. “He’s a former Secret Service guy, so he knows how to handle tough situations. Plus, have you seen him on TV? He’s fantastic!”

Bongino was an early proponent of Spygate, which alleges Barack Obama’s administration perpetrated illegal spying on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. He wrote a book on the subject titled Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump.

Bongino, known for his spirited defenses of Trump and his fiery monologues on social media, has yet to comment on Trump’s idea that he is in line be tapped to head the FBI.

Political analysts have been quick to weigh in on the proposal, with opinions ranging from bemusement to outright disbelief.

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In true Trump fashion, the former president remained undeterred by the controversy. “Cleaning up the FBI is a dirty job but somebody has to do it” he said. “The swamp is going to hate it, so they say, but that’s how you know it’s the right move.”

As the political world braces for the next chapter in the Trump saga, one thing is certain: the idea of Dan Bongino as FBI Director has added yet another twist to the election campaign.

Whether this proposal gains traction remains to be seen, but for now, it has provided plenty of fodder for pundits and social media users alike.

Only time will tell if Bongino will trade his microphone for a badge, but with Trump behind the idea, you would not want to bet against it.

Meanwhile, sources indicate Trump’s pick for his VP running mate is likely to be former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

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