UK Govt To Offer 3rd Covid Vaccine Dose To Vulnerable & Over 50s From September

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The British Government is planning to offer a third covid vaccine dose to the ‘vulnerable’ and over-50s alongside flu jabs from September.

Authorities claim “we will need to ensure protection against flu as well as maintaining protection against Covid-19” as the winter starts.

Breitbart reports: The over-70s, care home residents, frontline healthcare and social care workers, and over-16s with immune conditions will be prioritised for the third jab, according to The Telegraph, followed by over-50s, younger adults eligible for flu shots, and those in close contact with people who have immune conditions.

Officials are said to be considering a so-called “mix and match” approach with respect to this third round of jabs, with decision-makers mulling whether to offer people who have been double-dosed with the Oxford-AstraZeneca viral vector vaccine a dose of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine, people who have been double-dosed with Pfizer vaccine a dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, etc. — although no final decision on this has been made as of the time of publication.

Britain’s new Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, has welcomes what he described as “interim advice” on giving people more shots, saying that the Boris Johnson administration’s “vaccination programme is restoring freedom in this country, and our booster programme will protect this freedom.”

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, said that “Where the UK has reached so far on vaccination is truly fantastic” but “we need to keep going and finish giving second doses to those remaining adults who have not had them”, and that “this is the best thing we can do to prevent the disease from making a comeback which disrupts society later in the year.”

Of the plan to offer a third round of shots to over-50s, he said that “Being able to manage Covid-19 with fewer or no restrictions is now heavily dependent on the continued success of the vaccination programme. We want to be on the front foot for Covid-19 booster vaccination to keep the probability of loss of vaccine protection due to waning immunity or variants as low as possible. Especially over the coming autumn and winter.”

“Fewer or no restrictions will mean that other respiratory viruses, particularly flu, will make a comeback and quite possibly be an additional problem this winter, so we will need to ensure protection against flu as well as maintaining protection against Covid-19,” he warned.


  1. Three doses in less than six months. Sure does not sound like an effective “vaccine” at all. Maybe it is isnt a vaccine at all.

  2. I have seen videos where metal is sticking to steaks and chicken still in the package. For example, see bitchute daught cahm/video/kybqo6WxAKkN/ I myself had a magnet stick to chicken breasts I bought at WalMart.
    And now I’m seeing where tofu, and I’m told some cereals, are turning up magnetic. I guess I’ll just have to regularly check everything. It’s probably not everywhere yet, but you never know. I am going to start carrying a magnet with me when I go to the grocery store, or restaurants. I’m also going to regularly check my pet’s food.
    This is because nanoparticles called graphene oxide, which can be magnetized, are in the injections to force mRNA into every cell, and apparently they’re starting to put them into our food supply as well. See brighteon daht caughm/9e471d35-20f9-4b92-b6c9-4bbefbccbd68 (it’s in Spanish, but there are English subtitles).
    Researcher Polly St. George investigates this magnetism as a possible tool for mind control in the near future. Her analysis is at bitchute dawt kawm/video/GMtUZfHuQNlL/
    It is in times like these that I must remind myself that Jesus is my Healer. I am also praying that God will bring forth solutions that will neutralize these malevolent injections and nanoparticles. Pine needle tea is one step in the right direction, and I recently heard about a supplement called FoliumPX which supposedly helps the body to eliminate radiation and heavy metals (but I haven’t tried it yet).

  3. Well well well what do wee ave ere then eh ? Wots all this funny business going on around ere lads ? At last even you tubes publishing exposes if the city mi6 and related entities as the culprits responsible for everything including Vatican City And masses if them too A flood of exposures and overnight are engulfing the internet A turning point gas occurred and the spinning wheel s turning and the ascendency s beginning for the lowest as they are on the up and up it appears .Let’s just see who’s pulling the strings soon and suddenly Sky News Australia is in a panic ,coming out if the closet and’ perversely” demanding the government get serious about implementing a time frame in total vaccination Absolutely bizzarely really totally contradicting their prior almost anti vax stance .Something’s afoot .Why the sudden panic ?

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