US, UK In Massive Troop Movement Along Syria-Jordan Border

Fact checked

Hundreds of military vehicles and thousands of US, UK and Jordanian troops are preparing for an invasion of Syria, according to intelligence gathered from surveillance drones.

AMN reports:

Damascus is reportedly on high alert after some 400 American and Jordanian military vehicles were located at a Jordanian military base near the Syrian desert border earlier today.

More pictures of the drone surveillance here:


The foreign convoys may launch an incursion to aid allied Free Syrian Army (FSA) proxies based around the Al-Tanf border crossing.
In 2017 alone, FSA satellite forces have entered Sweida and Deir Ezzor while also coming dangerously near Palmyra and Damascus, areas under Syrian Arab Army (SAA) control.

In response to the looming invasion, the SAA has begun a large-scale offensive along the Damascus-Baghdad highway in a bid to dislodge FSA rebels from the Al-Tanf border crossing are link up with friendly Iraqi border guards.

The photos validate previous reports by an Al-Masdar News military source suggesting a major Jordanian and US buildup at the Syrian border.

UPDATE: The military base is located east of Az-Zarqa, 43 km away from the Syrian border. The tanks are supposedly Jordanian M60 types.


  1. When Damascus is turned to rubble, and it will be, the entire world will wish it never happened as the final world war will have begun.

  2. I can’t believe Trump is that stupid, invasion of Syria after Russia warned against it …. Is Trump in charge of the military or is the military in charge of Trump ?

  3. ” The Worship of Police Officers and members of the Military being protrayed as Heroic Figures has become a National Mental Illness, Gloryfing Incompetance, Stupidity and Criminality, perpetuated by exagerated Media Propaganda and Fear Mongering.” Lee Rogers

  4. Syria will give Russia permission of nuclear tests. Will take one air drop if they move in one go.

  5. Hopefully when they all roll Russia kills them all… Eliminate the US, Saudi’s and UK and Syria can finally have peace.

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