WEF Vows to BAN ‘Dangerous’ Eggs After Study Finds They Cure COVID Naturally

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Eggs are suddenly more dangerous than crack or heroin, according to the global elite who say they want to ban people from consuming them for their own good.

Eggs are suddenly more dangerous than crack or heroin, according to the global elite who say they want to ban people from consuming them for their own good.

You can shoot up street heroin and go about your day without a problem in most instances, but if you consume an egg you may find that your brain hemorrhages, your heart suddenly stops beating, or your face becomes paralyzed, according to a stunning warning issued by scientists working on behalf of the global elite.

Scientists are now warning the public that consuming eggs could cause blood clots, strokes and heart attacks.

In what appears to be another example of the global elite attempting to distract the public from the real cause of the surge in heart problems since the jab rollout, scientists now want us to believe that a nutrient found in eggs increases the risk of blood clotting.

The idea that eggs, which are a highly nutritious protein source and a staple in people’s diets around the world, could be the source of the spike in sudden cardiac arrests and strokes is ridiculous enough to be dismissed without prejudice. But when you dig a little deeper into what the scientists wants us to believe, it gets even more ridiculous.

The study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic, suggested that choline makes the blood more prone to clotting and you should stop eating eggs immediately. There is just one problem. Eggs have been consumed by almost every culture for thousands of years and nobody has noticed this before. Actually, there is another problem. Choline is sold in over-the-counter dietary supplements and is deemed an essential nutrient that is widely recommended for optimal health.

Joe Rogan shared our article with millions of his followers on Instagram, helping us to expose the ludicrous claims that eggs cause sudden heart problems.

With everyone pointing and laughing at their pathetic attempts at demonizing the humble egg, the elite decided to win the argument the only way they know how. By resorting to outright censorship and shutting down the conversation, fact checking our article and memory-holing it from the internet.

Why are they so desperate to stop humanity from eating eggs?

According to Henry Kissinger, also known as Klaus Schwab’s mentor:

“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls the money can control the world.”

Could it have anything to do with globalist billionaire Bill Gates, who has a history of making uncannily prescient investments just before disaster strikes in the world, investing in artificial eggs just before the price of eggs spiked?

Bill Gates has a history of investing in everything that is artificial, including insect protein, Beyond Meat, and a cornucopia of vaccines. So it should come as no surprise that he invested in Hampton Creek, the company that is bringing artificial eggs to the mainstream.

Hampton Creek has since been renamed Eat Just and now also sells plant based meats under the brand name Beyond Meat.

Per the Consumer Price Index, egg prices have spiked 66% percent since this time last year. In response to the shortage of eggs, many consumers have turned to artificial plant-based eggs.

People around the globe have found themselves paying more for eggs at stores due to over 41 million egg-laying hens dying from the avian flu. Which is very interesting, because as Robert F. Kennedy points out, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci have been funding research into a bird flu pathogen in recent years.

There have also been a series of mysterious fires at the biggest egg factories in the US in recent months.

Strange disasters also beset food processing plants across the US.

In April the headquarters of one of this country’s largest organic food distributors was destroyed in a fire, cause unknown.

The next month, in a single week, two separate private plane crashes took out two separate food processing plants. One plane hit a General Mills plant in Georgia, the other plane hit a food plant in Idaho.

Back in February a boiler explosion destroyed a potato processing plant in Oregon. And the list goes on and on.

But the attack on chickens, eggs and the food supply doesn’t stop there. Farmers across the US whose factories have not been burned to the ground have noticed something odd: their chickens aren’t laying eggs. Healthy hens produce eggs every 24 to 26 hours. So what is happening?

Some have concluded that the most popular brands of chicken feed are responsible. According to local farmers, when they went back to using local chicken feed, their hens started laying again.

So why are the global elites demonizing eggs and attacking the food supply chain?

The elites’ carefully laid plan is playing out in front of our eyes, and it all leads towards a decreased supply of eggs and meat and an increased supply of insects and synthetic foods.

Considering the fact that humans have a natural inclination to eat nutrient-dense, natural foods, why are they insisting on forcing us to eat insects and artificial slop? Because, to the elite, bad is good.

But there is another reason the elites are demonizing eggs and it has everything to do with a recent scientific study found that eggs can prevent Covid and could put a definitive end to the pandemic.


Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have been able to produce antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in hen eggs.

So instead of being a health hazard more dangerous than crack and heroin, it turns out that eggs are actually capable of neutralizing the effect of the Covid virus and even blocks the virus in vitro.

Why isn’t mainstream media shouting about this surprise discovery from the rooftops?

Surely the surprise discovery that eggs can prevent Covid and could put a definitive end to the pandemic is news worth shouting about?

Unfortunately the mainstream media is completely corrupted and controlled by the global elite. They simply aren’t allowed to share information that doesn’t suit the globalist agenda. And let’s face facts, the Covid pandemic has been incredibly valuable to the elites, giving them the excuse to enact brutal lockdowns, vaccinate billions of people with experimental mRNA vaccines, crash the global economy., and generally crush the human soul.

Is it all becoming clear yet?

If you were asked to predict what will be responsible for exposing the globalist elite’s masterplan, you almost certainly wouldn’t say eggs.

But eggs have been in the news for different reasons of late, and when you connect the dots a clear pattern emerges that exposes the global elite’s agenda to enslave humanity.

The demonization of eggs has given their game away.

Here is another way of looking at it.

Bill Gates invested in mRNA vaccines, then we had a pandemic. Bill Gates invested in farm land, then we had massive food shortages. Bill Gates invested in artificial eggs, now we have an egg shortage. Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci funded research into a bird flu pathogen capable of infecting humans and now we have the most deadly bird flu ever killing chickens.

Why isn’t Bill Gates under federal investigation?

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