WEF Warns That “Misinformation” Is One Of The “Top Global Risks”

Fact checked

Misinformation and disinformation are among the top global “risks” according to a report, published by the World Economic Forum

The pro-censorship WEF released the new report to coincide with its annual event in Davos.

Infowars reports: These days, the poorly if at all defined concepts of “misinformation and disinformation” are often used by governments, and (social) media they influence, simply as a “one-size-fits-all” excuse to censor information and stifle free speech.

But in the narrative pushed by the elites gathered by the WEF, “misinformation and disinformation” is up there with fears of a world conflict, out of control inflation, food security, and other real calamities that could befall the world over the coming years.

And now – agree or not with WEF’s view of the planet, as laid out in the “Global Risks Report 2023” – where “climate change” and “action” related to that theory plays a very prominent role, too – what’s really interesting is to see what the WEF thinks should be done about whatever it identifies as key issues.

The WEF report says that technology will in fact “exacerbate inequalities” while the “cybersecurity” angle remains a big concern.

The future, as forecast by the group, sees tech as one of the central targets for state intervention and for what it refers to as “stronger industrial policies.”

Never ones to shy from throwing buzzwords around in their write ups, the WEF mention things like “AI” and “quantum computing” – as well as biotechnology – as those sectors that are projected to grow because of both state (i.e., military) and private money invested via research and development.

The scary dystopian future of actual AI, biotech, and “quantum computing” gaining prominence and more and more money invested into is described in the report as a “partial solution to a range of emerging crises, from addressing new health threats and a crunch in healthcare capacity, to scaling food security and climate mitigation.”


  1. WEF should start working a program that stops them and their proxies from purveying dis and misinformation ASAP. Start with Schwab, Trudeau, Biden, Macron and the rest of the rats in the nest that are pushing anti-white, anti-Christian, ESG and other such racist policies

  2. Satan is the father of all lies and msm is his messenger, school is his lackey and education, infornation and entertainment are his portals. Trusted authorities and team leaders his loyal servants.

  3. And for another perspective on their God is dead rap and their general believe system take a look at “Kevin Sorbo on the end times & Exposes the Truth About…
    Encounter today on you tube.
    It’s very I retesting and informative.
    His movie, God is not dead, made 700 %profit too.

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