UK Govt Attempting To Force Covid Jab On 22 Year Old With Special Needs

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A woman in the UK is fighting back against the UK health ministry’s attempts to force a Covid ‘vaccination’ on her 22 year old mentally disabled son who was born with heart defects.

In a post at, the mother pleads for the public’s help to stop the NHS from forcing a Covid jab on her son Tom, who was born with a heart condition and a rare chromosomal disorder characterized by severe learning difficulties.

In the post the woman claims that her “family is one of the many across the country being taken to Court by the Healthcare Authorities to inject our children with an experimental Covid-19 injection against our wishes” she adds that “This is because they can, just because our children are over the age of 18.”

Infowars reports: The single mother describes how since his birth she’s cared for Tom, who has a mental age of about 18 months, lives with her, and has already had a bout of Covid-19, which according to a blood test imbued him with the natural antibodies to stave off future infections.

“My fight, presently, is for my son who is 22.  He has severe learning difficulties but otherwise is a fit and very well young man,” the UK mother writes. “He lives with me, his mother. He has had Covid-19 and handled it like the average person and he now has natural immunity and natural antibodies, which is very good news!”

He is now being forced to be vaccinated against his mother’s wishes and the warnings of many doctors.  This cannot be right.  No one has suggested she is an unfit mother, that Tom is in dire danger or that his mother’s views are unreasonable. Vaccination is being forced on them because there are differing opinions about the vaccine and the Court is choosing and agreeing to enforce the latest government recommendation.

“Tom will be injected within days unless the Court agrees to overturn this decision,” the man’s mother warns.

Specifically, Tom’s mom worries the jab could have a negative impact on his heart health, especially considering he had corrective heart surgery at the age of one after being born with a rare birth defect dubbed Tetralogy of Fallot.

“After detailed research of medical issues, Tom’s mother was extremely concerned about the vaccination and how it could impact on Tom’s good health, in particular his heart,” the post at reads. “It is acknowledged in the Healthcare Guidance notes that Myocarditis (heart inflammation) is a side effect of the mRNA Covid-19 vaccination.”

Meanwhile, a UK Court has argued Tom being over the age of 18, despite his severe mental limitations, is an adult with full autonomy, and presumes that he would likely want a jab for the sake of altruism.

The Court has reasoned that:

• If Tom resists the Covid-19 vaccination that will be evidence that he does not want the mRNA product in his body but, if he does not resist, it is evidence that he wants the mRNA product in his body.

• Even though Tom is unable to understand or express any views on the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, he would want to have the injection for the good of others. This altruism, the Court imagines, would override any consideration that he might have to follow his mothers wishes.

Essentially, Tom’s mother’s argument is he does not have the mental capacity to understand or make decisions for himself, and that while he’s past the age of 18 the decision is hers to make as he relies on her for all his basic needs.


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