American Medical Association Textbook From 1989 Explains Coronavirus Is the Common Cold

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A medical textbook published by Random House in 1989 explains that the coronavirus is nothing more than the common cold.

Published more than 30 years before the coronavirus was weaponized by the global elite to roll out the plandemic and take away our freedoms, The American Medical Association Encyclopedia of Medicine confirms what many have long suspected. Watch:

Despite pushing lockdowns and experimental vaccines and helping destroy the world’s economies, elites including Stéphane Bancel and Bill Gates are on record admitting Covid is a lot like the flu.

After months of fearmongering and vaccine-pushing, Gates let slip in 2022 that the virus was a lot like the flu and that it affected mostly elderly people and that it had a low fatality rate.

His words were remarkably similar to some of the worlds top lockdown opponents who were saying the very same things since the start of the so called pandemic..

Social media users were also blasted as conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers and kicked off the platforms for saying the same.

Many people pointed out that the average age of people who were diagnosed as dying from COVID was above the life expectancy rate.

Despite the government and media push to vaccinate everybody, Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel is on record admitting that Covid is comparable to the seasonal flu virus and that only older people and the vulnerable need to get vaccinated against it.

The admission was a bit of a turnaround for Bancel, who previously declared that young people would need to get covid booster shots at least every three years.

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