Moderna CEO Says Young People Will Also Need Covid Vaccine Boosters

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Moderna CEO

The CEO of big pharma giant Moderna says that even younger people will have to get covid vaccine booster shots at least once every three years.

This would mean that a two-tier society which punishes the unvaccinated could also remain in place indefinitely.

Predicting that the ‘pandemic’ would be over in a year,the Moderna chief said that seniors would still need yearly boosters and the rest of the public every three years.

Summit News reports: According to Stephane Bancel, the pandemic will continue for at least another year, at which point there will be enough vaccine doses “so that everyone on this Earth can be vaccinated.”

This includes jabs for infants and booster shots for those who require them.

“Those who don’t get vaccinated will immunize themselves naturally because the Delta variant is so contagious,” said Bancel, although he went on to assert that such people would still get ill.

“You can either get vaccinated and have a good winter. Or you don’t do it and risk getting sick and possibly even ending up in hospital,” said the Moderna CEO.

Bancel says life will return to normal “in a year,” but that this will be dependent on people continuing to receive regular COVID-19 booster jabs.

The CEO said older and vulnerable people would “undoubtedly” need refresher shots at least once a year, while even younger people who face an infinitesimal chance of dying from the virus will need booster shots every three years.

Israel has already signaled that vaccine passports will incorporate mandatory proof of an individual having received booster shots.

This means that those hoping to ride out the pandemic while remaining unvaccinated, with all freedoms returned next year, may actually face a permanent bio-security police state which keeps them under de facto lockdown forever.

Those who for whatever reason refuse to take their booster jabs will also face discrimination when it comes to travel and basic lifestyle activities in many countries.

Despite Bancel’s insistence that the entire planet will have been offered a vaccine within a year, according to Amnesty International, “Moderna has not yet delivered a single vaccine dose to a low-income country.”


      • I am on it, and have been since the beginning of the “plannedemic” . I told my fried two weeks into this why this was happening and what will happen. I was so right. I don’t consider myself that smart of a guy, so i don’t understand why there is not a huge uprising against this much earlier on. It amazes me the stupidity of people in the USA. we are doomed.

      • this whole operation is one of control, and population control. I foresee booster being tailored to age groups with special contaminations. most doses will be distilled water but some coded ones will have sterilization, castration, or cardio failure chemicals. you will get the distilled water if you have the usefulness in you, you will get the sterilization and castration ones if you are useful but have some bad genetics they don’t want continued, then when you reach a cut off age, you will get the conjunctive heart failure dose. this is what they are up to.

  1. Stephane Bance is French BILLIONAIRE, he owns 9% of moderna… hmmm? 2+2=4 follow the money. Miserable satanist prick,

  2. So, what will be “mandatory proof” paper documents can be lost or forged. the only solution? A mark on the hand or forhead of course. probably accompanied by an rfid id chip placed under the skin.
    And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666.

  3. Tends to be the case with vaccines!

    Good news; the ignorant aren’t so lose privileges and might even die!


  4. “Those who for whatever reason refuse to take their booster jabs will also face discrimination when it comes to travel and basic lifestyle activities in many countries.” – you don’t know that, so this is propaganda, not journalism.

    Time to remove this site from my favorites I guess.

    • Did you notice that the majority of the articles are written by the same clown? He also poses as “anonymous” in the comment section.

    • Yes Alan, please remove this site from your favorites and dont visit again.
      Stick your head deep down into the sand, or better yet up your arse!
      This article is spot on.

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