Anti Trump Protests Spread To Red States, Canada, UK & Israel

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Anti Trump protests

Anti Trump protests have spilled over from blue state strongholds like Portland, Washington and Los Angeles to red states like Kentucky that brought Trump to power.

Sputnik reports:

Hundreds took to the streets in Louisville, Kentucky, last night, in a protest called “Not My President, Say No To Trump, Say No To Racism.” Chanting “black lives matter” and “my body, my choice,” and carrying signs that read “Not My President” and “Make America Smart Again,” a noisy but peaceful crowd took over the city’s central business district, the Courier-Journal reports.

Kentucky was one of the first states to be called for the GOP then-candidate, now president-elect.

“Just because Kentucky was the first red state, that does not mean we are going to be the last to step up and speak out,” protest organizer Mallie Feltner said, according to an Alternet report.

Hundreds more protesters ringed Trump Tower in Vancouver the same night, the CBC reports, holding signs reading “Build kindness, not walls,” “Proud supporter of love,” “Make America safe again” and “Prejudice kills.”

The large letters spelling out Trump’s name above the tower’s main entrance had been covered in blue sheeting and a fence blocked off access to the building.

Steve Cucuzza, a New Yorker visiting Canada, said though he wasn’t expecting a protest in another country, he wasn’t surprised.

“I think the global community has every reason to be fearful of him,” Cucuzza told the CBC.

Protests have taken place outside the US embassy in London, where hundreds gathered to urge the US to “Dump Trump” and chant anti-racist slogans. Another protest was scheduled for November 11 in front of the US embassy in Israel.

“It’s a rally for all nationalities, who are coming out to support America in this time of need and to make a statement that the man who won needs to be different than the man who ran,” protest organizer Ilana Fass told The Times of Israel.

Trump’s buildings have been flashpoints for protests across the country, with his new Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, vandalized during more rallies November 9.

Trump responded to the protests late November 10 in a tweet, saying, “Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!”

He followed that up with a tweet praising the protesters’ “passion.”

anti trump protests

Prior to the election day, Trump had suggested he might not accept the final results, implying the election might be “rigged.”anti trump protests

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