Bank Of England Uses Refugee Crisis To Declare War On Cash

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war on cash

The Bank of England has announced its latest plan in its ongoing ‘War on Cash’

Using Europe’s refugee crisis as a cover, the Bank Of England has taken the opportunity to announce its latest plan to bring us closer to a cashless society…scrapping cash for digital currency

The Market Oracle reports: The Bank of England has taken the refugee crisis as a cue to accelerate the time table for targeting abolishing cash and therefore this video in the ‘Illusion of Democracy and Freedom’ series focuses upon the ‘War on Cash’, what it is, what it means and what it is trending towards and what all people need to do to protect themselves against the potential risks of not just theft of their hard earned life time of savings that in the future could be just a mouse click away from being legally stolen, but the risks of being financially deleted as western democracies are trending towards becoming financial totalitarian states.