CDC Head Calls for Return of Mask Mandates for Toddlers Despite Brain Damage Risks

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CDC head demands mask mandates return for toddlers

CDC head Mandy Cohen has called for the return of mask mandates for toddlers, despite the fact that face masks have been scientifically proven to cause cognitive harm to children.

Last year, Cohen was asked by Congress whether or not she plans to bring back mask mandates for toddlers. Rather than directly answer the question, Cohen suggested she might try. reports: “We have a lot of different tools to protect our children,” Cohen ominously stated.

Just six days later, a British Medical Journal (BMJ) journal published a study stating unequivocally that “mask recommendations for children are not supported by scientific evidence.”

In other words, should Cohen decide to attempt another round of forced masking in America at some point in the future, she will be openly and flagrantly defying the latest science on the matter, which comes from one of the most reputable science journals in the world.

“Because benefits of masking for COVID-19 have not been identified, it should be recognized that mask recommendations for children are not supported by scientific evidence,” the study explains.

CDC fights with its own scientists about masks

CDC top dogs like Cohen are notorious for fighting with their own scientists about the issue of mask mandates. Just last week, in fact, she waged war on CDC researchers for daring to declare that N95 respirators worked better than surgical masks at blocking “droplets” and other potential infectors.

This is an important matter because, as of late, the pro-mask crowd, embarrassed by the collapse of their narrative, has shifted to claiming that N95 respirators must be mandated during the next staged “pandemic” because the devices supposedly work better than surgical masks at stopping COVID.

The CDC’s own science contradicts this, but because many people simply listen to the “news” rather than do their own due diligence on the matter, it will probably be the case that N95s get pushed as the next “solution” for disease.

“During a presentation last summer, a CDC expert stated there was no difference between N95 respirators and masks in stopping viruses,” Disinformation Chronicle explains.

“These findings have been supported by CDC scientists in a study CDC published on the agency’s website last November – just a few weeks before Director Cohen testified before Congress.”

The CDC also published a study early on in the “pandemic” in May 2020 – and in the agency’s own official journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, no less – revealing that agency scientists were unable to find a “substantial effect” for masks in stopping the transmission of respiratory so-called “viruses.”

This study did not stop CDC heads from forging on in pushing people to mask up for their own “protection,” though. In fact, the CDC launched a propaganda campaign on its website urging the public to wear N95 respirators rather than surgical masks to keep themselves “safe” from the “virus.”

In a tiny disclaimer on its website, the CDC did admit that there is no actual science to back this recommendation. This was further admitted in a 2019 CDC study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) stating that “no significant difference” was identified between respirators and those infamous blue masks at “stopping the spread.”

“They just look like fools, at this point,” noted one Disinformation Chronicle reader about the CDC. “I guess they are banking on the majority of people not paying attention.”

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