Chuck Todd Caught Bragging About Suppressing News From NBC Viewers

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Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd has been caught bragging about suppressing news and keeping NBC viewers in the dark about potential Democrat corruption.

Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd has been caught bragging about suppressing news and keeping NBC viewers in the dark about potential Democrat corruption.

Just when you thought Todd’s journalistic reputation could not sink any lower, he went on the air to brag about how he has decided to hide news from his viewers, as though such a thing is a virtue.

Watch the whole thing. It’s almost unbelievable:

John Nolte reports:

So we are going further than we’ve ever gone before to say we aren’t going to play the sound,” Todd smugly confesses, adding:

We aren’t going to repeat the president’s vicious attacks on Hunter Biden. The President of the United States stood in front of a crowd of supporters and character assassinated a man who — whatever you might think of his decisions — is not a public figure, he isn’t running for office, and he’s not a campaign surrogate. He’s not even on the campaign trail, and he isn’t in any way asking for this attention, obviously.

Is that not the biggest load of bullshit ever, and I do mean ever…

So all of a sudden, if you are “only” a businessman who flew around the world on the vice president’s airplane to cut sweet, foreign business deals for yourself, you are an untouchable private citizen the media won’t ever report on? No matter how shady the deals? No matter how much the vice president’s influence was involved, you are off-limits to media reporting?

Really, Chuck?

Really, that’s the New Standard, those are the New Rules — that it is now off-limits to report on any businessman who profits from political relationships…?

My God, what a liar.

So what we have here is a purported NEWSman admitting he is hiding NEWS from the public, and not just any NEWS, but words spoken by the most consequential figure in the world: the President of the United States.

Here’s the bottom line… Chuck Todd is so insecure, he attacks the president, but he won’t let us hear what he is attacking the president for.

This is not the behavior of a NEWSman; it is the behavior of a propagandist, a corporate-funded fascist.

The job of a NEWSman is to REPORT the NEWS, is to gather and disseminate the NEWS. Certainly, Todd can choose what NEWS he thinks is important, what NEWS he believes is relevant, and choose not to share the NEWS he finds irrelevant and unimportant, but that is not what he did here.

Obviously, Todd believes what Trump said about the crooked Biden family is relevant, so relevant he not only chose to hide it; he perverted every known journalistic ethic and guideline to brag about what a virtuous NEWSman he is for hiding NEWS.

If this is what Todd admits to hiding, imagine what he doesn’t admit to hiding…

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