Crooked Hillary Brags ‘No One Is Above the Law’ (Apart From Her)

Fact checked
Hillary Clinton says nobody is above the law, while keeping a straight face

Hillary Clinton breathlessly told CNN over the weekend that “nobody is above the law” while struggling to keep a straight face.

“I really believe at the end of the day no one is above the law and no one should be escaping the accountability,” the twice-failed Presidential candidate told host Dana Bash. reports: She said it with a straight face.

“Journalist” Dana Bash didn’t bust out in laughter. She just nodded agreeingly.

We really are living in a clown world, aren’t we?


  1. When she say that she’s telling us the the Pope as the Moral. Authority for rule is the most Powerful man on earth as he can absolve all crimes if he want and make people who he likes as if above the law A president can pardon someone but the Judge can ignore him if they want to. They can’t ignore the Pope though.

  2. Yes, it is good Hillary agrees about no one being above the law. This will make the noose around her neck easier to accept. Her time is running out.

    • No. Nothings going to happen especially not now Charles is King Everything’s going to get much better for the Democrats now and much worse for Trump
      “the new broom sweeps cleanest”

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