Israel Plans To Develop The Western Wall

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Western Wall

The new Israeli cabinet has approved a plan to develop the Western Wall in old Jerusalem.

One of the most significant holy sites for Judaism around the world is located in one of the most combustible areas of Israel. For the Jews the visible part of The Western Wall is the last remnant of the original Temple and the Holy of Holies. The Muslim pilgrims from around the world worship and pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque nearby, the third holiest site in Islam with significant references to Prophet Muhammad. Previous development projects regarding the Western Wall sparked violent disputes with the Palestinians who accused the authorities of threatening the foundations of the Mosque.

ABC News reports:

The five-year plan, beginning next year, will include upgraded infrastructures, archaeological activity and development of the Western Wall site and underground tunnels that follow the length of the wall, a remnant of the ancient Jewish Temple complex.

In 1996, the opening of an exit from the tunnels into a Muslim area of the city sparked bloody riots.

The prime minister’s office announced the plan Tuesday. It says a detailed plan will be presented to the Cabinet within two weeks.



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