Massive Crowds Gather Outside CNN HQ Chanting “CNN Sucks”

Fact checked
Large crowds gather outside CNN HQ in Atlanta chanting 'CNN sucks'

A massive crowd of Trump supporters on Saturday gathered outside the CNN headquarters in Atlantic chanting “CNN sucks!”

The patriots were in Atlanta as part of a “Rescue America Rally” organized by the “Walk Away Campaign.”

CNN had already fenced off the entranceway after far-left BLM terrorists stormed the headquarters, broke windows and attempted to loot last May.

The Trump supporters peacefully gathered on Saturday, but the mainstream media will probably smear them as an extremist violent mob.



  1. The media used to be known as the Baron of Fleet Street in London because he controlled the worlds news .When he sold it was only to approved buyers Not those who could pay bit those who were allowed to buy. By London Englands ss run the cia really . .And the Pope
    IS the GODFATHER .

    • When Gina Rhinegart was rhe worlds richest woman ,worth over 40 billion ,she tried to buy into Fairfax Media but they rejected her bid .Told her she was unacceptable Just as one example of many …

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