Bernie Sanders Best For Privacy & Freedom, Trump Worst

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sanders, trump

According to an analysis of the Democratic and Republican U.S. presidential candidates’ campaign platforms by tech policy activists at the Free Press Action Fund Vt., Senator Bernie Sanders is the best bet for internet freedom and technological advancement while Donald Trump is the worst.

“We’ve been scouring the transcripts of the debates produced by the networks that host them,” said Tim Karr, senior director of strategy for Free Press Action Fund. “We’ve gone through the candidates’ websites to see if there’s anything that relates to the issues in their campaign platforms, and we’ve been bird-dogging.”

The issues at hand are pressing: censorship, industry consolidation and mass surveillance are among policy positions Free Press opposes. The group is in favor of net neutrality, strong encryption, inexpensive internet access and local broadband competition.

Trump supports the Patriot Act, censorship, is against Apple’s appeal of the FBI’s order to weaken iPhone security, and has seemed to believe that net neutrality would “target conservative media”, thus, Donald Trump wishes to sensor the World Wide Web.

Sanders is a major exception as he stated, “It is absolutely essential that the internet remain open and free from censorship or the chilling effects that result in self-censorship.”

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