Mark Zuckerberg Buying Up Gold Reserves As He Prepares To Flee to Doomsday Bunker: “Something TERRIBLE Is Coming”

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Mark Zuckerberg preparing to flee to his doomsday bunker as he buys up gold.

Mark Zuckerberg is frantically buying gold and preparing to flee with his family to a doomsday bunker, according to reports.

Jonathan Rose, the CEO of Genesis Gold Group in Beverly Hills, California, says many of the globalist elites are now hoarding gold and preparing to flee to their bunkers due to “something big and terrible” that’s about to occur. reports: Rose highlighted how doomsday prepping has become popular among millionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg and Sam Altman, along with pro athletes and other elites.

The gold group’s CEO said he has inside knowledge of these people spending their fortunes on gold for prepping purposes. 

He’s spoken to people from all over the country who opened up to him about the truth behind their purchase. 

“You’re reading all these stories and these millionaires are buying gold and building bunkers and you’re like ‘What the heck is going’ and it’s a trend that everyone is doing,” Rose said. 

Rose explained the reason for the surge in gold purchases is due to concern over the devaluation of the dollar and an overall economic collapse.

“I think these people are realizing that, hey we don’t have a crystal ball per se, but we have a good road map and they are looking at the problems the economy is having right now,” Rose said. 

“Whether they’re looking at dollar devaluation or these things called brick nations, which are countries banding together to create their own currency backed by gold. 

“And the dollar losing its value, there’s just the general economic concern of combating inflation and that’s why many people will move to a safe haven.” 


Hoarding gold and doomsday prep has been on the elite’s mind for years.

Tech boss Altman told The New Yorker in 2016, “I prep for survival. … I have guns, gold, potassium iodide, antibiotics, batteries, water, gas masks from the Israeli Defense Force, and a big patch of land in Big Sur I can fly to.”

While Altman blamed his prepping on friends who “get drunk [and] talk about the ways the world will end,” Rose pointed to more modern issues.

Among them are the 2024 presidential election and a recent AT&T power outage which has apparently fueled doomsday concerns. 

“One intelligence officer told me today that the AT&T power outage was not an outage, it was a cyber attack,” Rose said.

“That’s a concern that people have. And obviously, coming up to an election, a very tumultuous year, we don’t know what’s going to happen.

“But many people are speculating there is going to be an attack on the power grids and no power causes chaos, chaos causes panics, panic causes sell-offs in the market. 

“People are taking these past stories and looking at what’s happening today – are they coincidences or are they more than just coincidence?

“And people with billions of dollars are taking it to the next level and they’re prepping so if something goes bad, we’re prepared.”


Rose explained how gold can be used for bartering in a doomsday situation if money becomes completely worthless. 

He said there has been “an absolute surge” in people buying gold coins for this purpose. 

Gold coins would be a way to give someone a little piece of fortune for something in return.

Rose described gold bars that can be broken like “candy bars” in order to be handed out.

“On terms of prepping, preppers do want gold, and preppers want small denomination gold coins and small denomination silver coins – something tradable and something bartable,” Rose said. 

“So we’ve seen a spike in small denomination coins which are considered more bartable/tradable and there has been a massive uptick in that, like absolute surge in that type of metal.”

In a doomsday situation, the major necessities will be at the forefront of people’s minds.

But when it comes to needing specific items or tasks, gold could be seen as a valuable trade. 

“It is going to be food, gas, water – self-preserving life items that people need, and for wealth it’s going to be gold,” Rose said. 

“People say silver will buy you the bread and gold will buy you the bakery, that’s kind of how people look at gold as a spendable currency. 

“If there was a doomsday situation to me, in a doomsday situation there is no government, so at that point if you’re trading and bartering with someone, silver, and gold is going to be more valuable than a piece of paper with an IOU attached to it. 

“If you know what hits the fan, they can go to someone and they’ll say, ‘What do you have of value for me?’ I’ve got gold.

“Everyone’s eyes light up when you show them gold.

“So that’s part of the actionable plan in a doomsday scenario ‘get me out of here’ situation – here’s some gold and what can you do for me.”


  1. Be careful They can fake gold really well now They have some metal that’s the exact same weight per size and they can plate it You can’t cut small coins in half and then trade them
    The state “owned” royal mint here, sold tonnes to China and it wasn’t 99 % pure or whatever so in fact ripped them off for millions abd China caught them so it cost taxpayers a fortune to remedy the rip off. The premier suddenly got tired and had to resign.
    London sets the gold price Its not demand driven or supply and demand. Its the oldest mined metal on earth They’ve mined, I can’t remember the exact tonnage estimated , but know that allegedly masses have “disappeared”
    You can’t trust anyone.
    Bottom line there’s yourself and your soul . Nothing else really matters.

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