Judd Apatow: Hawaiian Missile False Alarm Is A Lie; Gov’t Is Covering Up Truth

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The government are covering up the truth about the Hawaiian missile alert false alarm, according to filmmaker Judd Apatow.

The government are covering up the truth about the Hawaiian missile alert false alarm, according to filmmaker Judd Apatow, who says the official narrative is a lie, and warns that “something is happening that is much different than what we were told.”

People in Hawaii awoke Saturday morning to a dire warning on their cellphones that a ballistic missile was headed toward the island, with the message urging residents and visitors to “seek immediate shelter.

The mistaken warning — coming as tensions between the U.S. and North Korea have ratcheted up in recent months — left Hawaiian panicked, and went un-corrected for 38 minutes.

In a statement explaining the error, Vern Miyagi, head of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, said the “wrong button was pushed.”

Again it’s a human error. There is a screen that says ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ That’s already in place,” Miyagi told Hawaii News Now. “We had one person, human error and that thing was pushed anyway.”

But in a tweet Tuesday, Apatow — the writer-director-producer behind hit comedies including Knocked Up and This Is 40 — claimed the official narrative about the missile false alarm is a “lie.

Judd Apatow is not the only person questioning the official narrative surrounding the Hawaiian missile false alarm. Many people with knowledge of the alert system used believe the “human error” explanation is impossible.

One theory claims that an actual missile, fired by a submarine, was intercepted by the US missile defense shield – but not before the missile was flagged on radar and an automated alert was issued to the state of Hawaii.

This theory believes the alert went out as designed, but when the missile was intercepted the government claimed the alert was a false alarm in order to prevent panic. Others have pointed out a possible hole in this theory – wouldn’t the government love a missile attack as a pretense for war? Perhaps military officials lied to keep Trump from over reacting?

Or was it a psy-op? Others believe the false alarm was a “War of the Worlds” type predictive programming psy-op designed to condition the American population, and study our response. Hawaii makes a nice little controlled environment. The behavioral aftermath can be monitored and studied for future social control.

Eyebrows were raised further when a near-identical “incoming ballistic missile false alarm” was issued to the citizens of Japan just days after the Hawaiian scare. The Japanese false alarm was also explained away as “human error” by the government.

What do you think? Were these two “false alarms” actually due to “human error”, as claimed, or are Judd Apatow and the doubters onto something?

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