JFK’s Daughter Caroline Makes Major Political Announcement

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JFK’s Daughter Caroline Makes Major Political Announcement

Caroline Kennedy may be the next Kennedy to run for office.

The daughter of former president John F Kennedy is reportedly planning to run for office in New York after serving three years as U.S. ambassador to Japan.

Kennedy, 59, was appointed to the position by President Barack Obama in 2013. According to the Associated Press, Trumps transition team had ordered all political appointees to step down by his inauguration day.

Bipartisan reports:

Kennedy is now left to determine what career path she will take next.

According to The New York Post, Kennedy is planning a run for the senate in 2018. This is absolutely amazing news, as it’s about time a Kennedy be involved in American politics again.

The Post’s sources say that, not only is Kennedy planning on a senate bid, but she may also be running for president in 2020:

“Caroline had a successful ambassadorial run in Japan and feels really very confident about putting her hat in the ring for a New York congressional or Senate seat, with even possibly bigger political objectives down the road.”

According to another source, Kennedy is seen as having the experience level of Hillary Clinton, without the dark cloud that looms over Clinton’s head:

“Caroline is seen in some quarters as the next Hillary Clinton. She has the Kennedy name but no Clinton baggage.”

It makes sense. The Kennedy family are long standing Democrats, and well respected politicians who have made history time and again. They have a dignity that is such a rare find in modern day politicians, and after four years of Trump, even the GOP will be clamoring for a Kennedy to lead.

Kennedy served as Ambassador to Japan for three years, giving up her personal life to live in a foreign country. During her term, she worked on serious issues like whaling and nuclear arms expansions, and before that, she worked for her Uncle Ted kennedy’s cause “mission in life.”

With sources saying Kennedy is focused on the presidency, twitter users have started expressing their support…

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