WH Press Secretary Refuses To Confirm Whether Biden Told The Truth About Ukraine ‘Deal’

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On Monday the White House Press Secretary refused to confirm whether Joe Biden’s statement about making a deal with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy regarding aid for Ukraine was true or not.

When a CBS News reporter asked what this ‘deal’ entailed, Karine Jean-Pierre repeatedly said she “will not go beyond what the President said”.

On Saturday Biden signed a short-term government funding bill into law, but complained about a lack of funding for Ukraine, and urging Republicans “keep their word” on the deal he made.

InfoWars reports: A Newsmax reporter, James Rosen, tried to press the matter, merely asking if what Biden said was true or not.

“So is that true?” Rosen asked.

“I’m not gonna go beyond what the president said,” Jean-Pierre replied.

“So you won’t say what he said was true,” Rosen said.

“I’m not gonna go beyond what the president said,” she repeated.

“You’re declining to say what he said was true?” Rosen continued.

“I just answered,” Jean-Pierre claimed before moving on.


This comes in the wake of The Pentagon sending a letter to Congress warning that the billions of taxpayer dollars to buy weapons for Ukraine are running low and resupplying its military has been slowed.

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