Neuralink Test Monkeys ‘Dying and Chewing Fingers Off’ As Elon Musk Readies Human Trials

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Elon Musk has vowed to start human trials for his brain chip implants within six months, even though the majority of his brainchipped lab monkeys either died or chewed their fingers off, while experiencing horrific suffering.

Based in San Francisco Bay Area and Austin, Texas, Musk’s Neuralink company has been conducting tests on monkeys and other animals as it seeks approval from the FDA.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine filed documents with the US Department of Agriculture earlier in 2022 alleging the monkeys were experiencing extreme suffering, with one monkey having holes drilled in its skull.

Neuralink’s brain chips were implanted in the monkeys’ heads to see if they could control technology with their thoughts. However, the mind control experiment allegedly left 15 out of 23 monkeys dead.

According to the Sun:

In one case, a monkey was found missing some fingers and toes, possibly caused by self-mutilation, legal papers claim. Another case revealed a female macaque monkey had the electrodes implanted into its brain, which caused it to be overcome with vomiting, retching and gasping.

An autopsy later showed the monkey suffered from a brain hemorrhage. Bloody skin infections, monkeys collapsing and other horrific side effects were also recorded in the results, according to court papers.

Neuralink conducted its monkey experiments in partnership with scientists at the University of California, Davis.

A legal battle is now being pursued to force the Californian university to release a cache of 371 grisly photographs of the monkeys reportedly killed or injured in the experiments.

Ryan Merkley, of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine advocacy group, said the public needs to be made aware of the monkeys’ suffering.

He said: “UC Davis thinks the public is too stupid to know what they’re looking at. But it’s clear the university is simply trying to hide from taxpayers the fact that it partnered with Elon Musk to conduct experiments in which animals suffered and died.

“These photos are public records created with public funds, and the public deserves access to the research they paid for.”

In a statement released in February, Neuralink defended its testing measures – but admitted several animals were euthanized.

Musk’s determination to brainchip human subjects reveals how closely he is working in lockstep with World Economic Founder Klaus Schwab who discussed brainchips in a 2016 interview, and although now memory-holed, there was an extended version in which he informed the entire human race that we will all be ‘brainchipped’ by the year 2026.

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