Islamophobic Man Interrupts BBC Documentary On Islamophobia

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BBC reporter Catrin Nye had her interview with Muslim Ruqaiya Haris interrupted by a random act of Islamophobia.

During a BBC documentary on Islamophobia at a park in the UK, an Islamophobic passer-by barged into the conversation saying: “There’s no Sharia law here”.

islamophobia Metro reports:

Ruqaiya was explaining that often, in the wake of terrorist attacks, lay Muslims and religious leaders feel they have to repeatedly condemn the attacks more fervently than others – even though it’s nothing to do with them.

If not, she said, they face accusations of condoning terrorism.

As she was speaking, a man called Paul comes over to them and starts interrupting.

After Nye asked him to keep his voice down, he claims it’s ‘freedom of speech’ before shouting at them: ‘There’s no Sharia law here.’islamophobia

‘Do you want to talk about Sharia law to me?’ Ruqaiya asked him. ‘We can talk about Sharia law. You obviously said it for a reason.’

Paul responded by claiming he wasn’t talking to her – even though there was no one else around.islamophobia

‘We’re losing our right to freedom of expression,’ he went on. ‘We’re being told to be politically correct when we don’t want to be politically correct.’

Ruqaiya then sat down with him and attempted to explain to him that most Muslims don’t want Sharia law.

Watch the whole exchange here:

According to the think-tank Demos, around 7,000 Islamophobic tweets a day were sent in English last month.

This was higher than April, which saw around 2,500 a day – likely because of the Nice terror attack and the murder of a priest in July.

Another interviewee, film maker Deeyah Khan, later told Nye: ‘What people don’t know in the UK and in the West, is that the first targets of extremists are other Muslims.

‘Muslims have been dying and suffering at the hands of these barbaric groups for decades, and nobody cared because the victims looked like me. Now people care because the victim looks like you.

‘Many of us and many of our colleagues have faced imprisonment, persecution and violence because they’ve taken on extremists.

‘But that’s not the story that you’re often told.’

You can watch the whole documentary on YouTube here

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