Aussie Man Finds $200,000 Gold Nugget

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Aussie gold nugget
Aussie gold nugget

An Australian man from Sydney has found a Gold Nugget weighing over two Kilograms in the suburb of Wedderburn.

He used his metal detector to look for the solid gold piece. Mick Brown was searching in an area which previously yielded a 256 ounce nugget in 1981. He told reporters that he thought the area had already been searched by other gold prospectors. Brown cracked a can of golden Amber Nectar to celebrate his solo find of the yellow mineral. reports:

“It took a while to name it but everyone that looked at it was like “fair dinkum”, you know, so that’s what we called it, the fair dinkum nugget,” Mr Brown said.Brown

He told 9NEWS he plans to keep his cards close to his chest as to where he found the buried treasure but said he thought others had already searched in the same area.

While sizeable, the nugget is much smaller than the “Pride of Australia” which was found outside the same town in 1981 and weighed-in at 256 ounces.

The nugget is valued around $135,000 but Mr Brown said he wouldn’t be parting with it for anything under $200,000.

“You know what it’s like when you’re married with four daughters,” he said, “you don’t get to see much of that money,” he said.

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