Tens Of Thousands Of Californian Witches Cast ‘Binding’ Spell On Trump

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Californian witches cast binding spell on President Trump

Tens of thousands of witches in California have vowed to cast a “binding” spell on President Trump every month in an effort to thwart his Presidency. 

Los Angeles-based Vicky Adams, who heads the coven and runs an occult store in Hollywood, says the spell aims to stop Trump from going to war with a foreign country and generally doing anything ‘negative’.

The thousands of witches joins the likes of Madonna and Lana Del Rey, who both recently cast their own spells on the President in an effort to kill him.

The Sun reports: Vicky, 49, from Los Angeles, told SunOnline: “The Donald Trump spell is not a hex or a curse – it’s binding Trump and any of his abetters to prevent them from causing harm and destruction to people, animals, the environment, everything.

“It’s not just within the US – it’s global at this point.

“Not everybody agrees with the spell even within the Pagan community – some people think there will be Karmic repercussions.

“I’ve been assisting people with setting up their tools – people have been coming in here seeking guidance especially when it first came out earlier this year.

“It takes place every waning moon, once a month – the next one is September 18th.

“There are probably tens of thousands of witches who take part – it’s hard to know exactly – but certainly a great amount of witches are coming together every month to do this spell.

“It’s not unheard of for witches to do things like this – in fact it’s been done before decades back.

“In England there was a famous case where British witches helped stop the invasion of the Germans into the British Isles.

“They created a thought-form and everybody contributed to the spell and helped to stop the Nazi invasion.”

To do the Trump spell, Vicky advises people to get some Tarot cards, an orange candle, an unflattering photo of Trump, some sage and a feather.

She says: “It involves the use of the tower card from the Tarot deck to represent his downfall – but that might as simple as they want his phone to break so he can’t tweet at 3am in the morning anymore.

“You need an orange candle to represent him – you can guess why. Some people use little baby carrots.

“You need some sage and a feather. Some people have added their own components so they might add a figure candle.

“And you also need the most unflattering photo of Donald Trump that you can find. There are variations – some people might do a physical binding where they physically bind a picture of Trump with string or something.

“There’s also words or a prayer that you recite which calls for a hindrance or absolute cessation of Trump and anyone who aids and abets him from causing harm to man, beast and land.

“It’s a form of sympathetic magic and it’s a very powerful thing.”

The spell comes amid global outrage surrounding many of President Trump’s policy decisions since he’s been in the White House.

He’s come under fire for his policy on building a wall between the US and Mexico and more recently for cancelling the Obama era DACA program, threatening the future of thousands of young immigrants in the US.

“The spell is not as negative as it might sound – nobody is calling for President Trump’s death or anything – it’s more along the lines of stopping congress passing his legislation,” she explained.

“It’s not binding him in every aspect of his life – just in his role as president – because lots of people perceive his actions as being very harmful and contrary to the wishes of the people of America.”

Vicky has people from all walks of life coming into her Los Angeles store to buy occult supplies such as pentagrams, herbs, gargoyles, crystals, cauldrons – and even daggers.

She estimates there are thousands of witches’ covens just in LA alone – with new ones popping up every day.

“It’s a lot more common than people might think – you might be living next door to a witch and have no idea because we’re not stereotypical with the pointy hats and the warty noses – the people who come in the shop reflect that,” she said.

“I have lawyers, doctors, policemen, nurses, housewives, students – everyone comes in here. I also have Christo-witches who are practicing Christians and witches. I have Satanists and people who work with demonology – I do not discriminate against anybody.

“I get well-known celebrities and actors coming in – and not so well-known ones. Pretty much everyone is looking for love, success, happiness, protection.”

Vicky claims that Paganism is rapidly growing in popularity.

“You can see it reflected in so many TV shows and movies that are centred around witchcraft,” she said.

“Just scrolling through Instagram it’s witch, witch witch, it’s become fashionable. It wasn’t 20 years ago but it is now.

“I think it’s growing in popularity because people are very dissatisfied with organised religion. A lot of us come from Christian backgrounds and we’re fed up of the limitations placed on us – particularly women. Paganism is all-embracing – it accepts all and there’s no judgement.”

Vicky, who practices black and white magic including Voodoo and ritual magic, says she can help people exorcise demonic spirits from their homes, improve their sex life, get a job or improve their finances.

She also has clients coming in with darker objectives – such as to curse or hex an enemy.

“Hexes and curses are real you are using a very powerful force – you are using the planetary influence of Saturn or Mars,” she explains.

“Any powerful emotion is also going to make a spell more powerful.

“A curse can make somebody ill or bring absolute devastation and destruction to someone on their family or their ancestors. It can make you lose all your worldly possessions.

“It can make you lose your health – it can cause death – it can cause a loss of everyone you love.

“I’m not one to curse someone it’s not really my style but I’m not going to condemn someone for doing it either.

“I don’t agree with it but it’s their choice and something they’re going to have to answer to at the end of the day.

“If someone comes in wanting to do something negative I won’t try to talk them out of it but I will advise them of possible consequences.

“You have to feel justified in your actions otherwise you will be your own undoing.”

Many of the requests she gets relate to customer’s love life – and as well as herbs and oils to carry out love spells she also sells special sex candles – which she claims can make people impotent – or stop them from cheating.

“Yes I have candles shaped like men and women’s genitals – the black ones are for hexes to make a scorned lover impotent,” she explains.

“The red is to make somebody more potent or to bind someone to you sexually so they don’t stray. Blue and white are more healing.

“The black female candle can lower someone’s sex drive or give them a skin disease or something.

“You can do spells to make somebody fall in love with you but that’s one of the spells I think has a great potential to backfire.

“Everybody has their own free will but if you insist on bending somebody’s will and you persistently work on them you can make them fall in love with you.

“But it’s a very ego-driven conquest so when you get the person, chances are you don’t want them anymore but it’s too late because you’ve created a stalker or possible psychopath somebody dangerous who will kill you because they are so obsessed with you. You have created a monster.

“I don’t advise that – I’ve seen people get cancer, start to lose their status in society even become incarcerated – it starts to turn inwardly.

“I don’t tell people what to do – but I do advise them of the consequences.”

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