Putin Accuses Obama Of ‘Fake War’ Against ISIS

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Putin says Obama has conducted a 'fake war' against ISIS

President Putin has issued a scathing attack on President Obama, accusing the U.S. leader of deliberately leading a ‘fake war’ against ISIS. 

Russian commanders have confirmed that the U.S. is deliberately “fighting to lose” against ISIS and the Al-Nusra Front in Syria, whilst secretly propping them up in order to weaken and oust President Assad.

Putin has warned that Russia are prepared to send special forces troops to the Levant War Zone as a result of the ‘fight to lose’ strategy employed by America.

Whatdoesitmean.com reports:

This report notes that Russian commanders in their strategy of “fighting to win” have, since launching their campaign begun on 30 September 2015, destroyed over 200 oil producing and refining facilities held by these terrorists and have further killed up to 28,000 Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front militants—which roughly represents 35 percent of their total number in Syria.

Due to the Federation military commanders great success with their “fight to win” strategy against these Islamic terrorists, this report continues, the Obama regime, in continuing to employ their “fight to lose” one, has outright refused to join Russia and Syria in their military operations to liberate the ISIS stronghold Raqqah from the clutches of these monsters—even while these combined Russian-Syrian forces, along with the Kurds, keep advancing.

But to the greatest, and latest, and most shocking Obama regime employment of their strange “fight to lose” strategy, this report gravely says, has been their actually supporting al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front terrorist forces who this week launched a counterattack—after which the US began airdropping them weapons and ammunition and then pleaded with Russia not to bomb them.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, this report notes, did grant to the Obama regime a “limited time” to remove from this battle area what the American’s are calling their “moderate terrorists”—but whom Russian military commanders state don’t even exist as recent evidence uncovered in the US proved that the Obama regime spent over $500 million to train just 4 or 5 of these supposed rebels, and whom no one has ever seen.

Sadly too, this report continues, the Obama regimes “fight to lose” strategy against these Islamic terrorists has now extended into Yemen too—where in the same week the United Nations blacklisted the terror supporting nation of Saudi Arabia for its indiscriminate killing of thousands of children and women, US Secretary of State John Kerry defended the Saudis and, instead, blamed the innocent civilians in Yemen for being where the bombs were falling.

So barbaric, in fact, has the Obama regime become in their employment of their “fight to lose” strategy, this report says, they have even now begun their own indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Iraq and Syria, like their Saudi allies are doing in Yemen, killing hundreds of innocent civilians—and to which one distraught man who lost his father said: “You build in your countries and destroy in ours? Is this how you bring democracy? Stop it. Really, stop it. People are tired.”

With no evidence, though, of the Obama regime planning to stop using their failed “fight to lose” strategy and end this war, this report concludes, President Putin, and by his employing Russia’s “fight to win” strategy, has now begun discussions of sending Russian ground troops to Syria to defeat these Islamic terrorists once and for all—with the only decision left to be made is if they will be special forces units, or volunteers.

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