Ex CIA Chief John Brennan Hails Fauci As A ‘National Hero’

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John Brennan

Dr. Anthony Fauci was hailed a “national hero” over the weekend by former CIA Director John Brennan.

Brennan praised Fauci for his “innate goodness” after Twitter chief Elon Musk said he’d like to see the outgoing White House medical adviser prosecuted.

Brennan said “Dr. Fauci is a national hero who will be remembered for generations to come for his innate goodness & many contributions to public health”

He then turned his attention to Musk, saying: “Despite your business success, you will be remembered most for fueling public hate & divisions. You may have money, but you have no class”

Meanwhile the ‘national hero’ said he doesn’t “pay any attention” to Elon Musk following his tweet calling for Fauci to be prosecuted.

“I don’t respond to him,” Fauci told CNN’s David Axelrod “I don’t respond to him…I don’t pay any attention to him because that’s merely a distraction”

“And if you get drawn into that, and I have to be honest, that cesspool of interaction … there’s no value added to that, David. It doesn’t help anything.”

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