George W. Bush Awarded Liberty Medal Amid Protests From US Veterans

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War criminal and former US President George W Bush and his wife Laura were awarded the prestigious Liberty Medal this week at the National Constitution Center.

The award believe it or not, is to honor people for their commitment to veterans.

The medal was awarded as angry military veterans blocked the entrance to the center protesting the irony that Bush was given a medal that is supposed to go to leaders “who have strived to secure the blessings of liberty to people around the globe.”

Press TV reports: Organizers from Veterans Against The War, a group of post-9/11 service members and veterans, said the protesters aimed to end “a foreign policy of permanent war and the use of military weapons, tactics and values in communities across the country.”

US-based political analyst William Jones told Press TV in a phone interview on Monday that awarding the Liberty Medal to Bush was “completely ironic”.

He added that the only thing that was more ironic would be if Cheney received the award.

Jones said people like Bush and Cheney, who is a senior neoconservative politician and served under four Republican presidents, were responsible for the planning and implementation of American military operations in the Middle East that continued to go on to this day.

If we look back on the Middle East in the past two decades, what we see is continual fighting and chaos and it all began with the Iraq war under George W Bush,” he said.

Bush started the period of chaos that continues to this day. he said..

Jones said the pretext to the US invasions were, of course, reaction to 9/11.

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  1. Its ironic that no one had the courage to throw a shoe at the Psychopathic Yale Skull and Bones War Criminal Bush.

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